Central air conditioning (AC) is so tied to quality of life that many people cannot imagine life without it, especially during those hot summer months. Since electric air conditioning units were first invented in 1902, the technology that we use to efficiently cool homes and businesses has improved exponentially. AireTech Heating Cooling & Refrigeration LLC is a well established local HVAC business that provides air conditioner installation and ac replacement to area homes and small businesses. Our certified technicians frequently perform regular maintenance and repairs on AC units to keep you comfortable during the summer’s hottest days, but once those units have completed their useful life, you’ll want to call AireTech Heating Cooling & Refrigeration LLC for AC replacement.

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Choosing the Right Air Conditioner to Install 

Air conditioners are available in many sizes, grades and designs. When you’re building a new home or replacing a worn out system, you will want to consider several things as you determine what type of ac to install:

  • Which size is right for your space? Will a window AC do or a split, or is it a central AC for whole home cooling that you’re after?
  • What are your usage requirements?
  • What is your budget for an air conditioning system?

AireTech Heating Cooling & Refrigeration LLC can help you choose the right AC unit to suit your needs. Split, and Ductless Mini-Split Systems are popular air conditioning choices for homes and small offices. You’re probably most familiar with the split system, which consists of an evaporator coil inside your home and a condenser coil and compressor that are placed outside. AireTech Heating Cooling & Refrigeration LLC installs split AC systems that minimize indoor leaks from condensation and reduce outdoor noise. If your home or office doesn’t already have duct work installed, we can introduce you to the advantages and drawbacks of ductless mini-split ac systems and can install necessary ducts as well. Call (229) 343-7455 for more information.

Why Call AireTech Heating Cooling & Refrigeration LLC for Air Conditioner Installation and Replacement

Affordable Prices – Partnering with local homeowners since 1990, AireTech Heating Cooling & Refrigeration LLC provides reliable, timely ac installations at competitive prices. When it’s time to replace your air conditioning unit, call the best in the area! 

Satisfaction Guaranteed – AireTech Heating Cooling & Refrigeration LLC works hard each day to earn the loyalty of our customers, and places your comfort and safety above all else. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Premium Customer Service – The staff at AireTech Heating Cooling & Refrigeration LLC are available to serve you when you need them.  AireTech Heating Cooling & Refrigeration LLC has trained technicians ready to answer your questions or schedule a visit when convenient for you.

Trust your air conditioning installation project to AireTech Heating Cooling & Refrigeration LLC, where affordable rates, dependable customer service and our satisfaction guarantee will ensure that your home or office environment is cool and comfortable year round.